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A Soldiers Cry

I find myself in an interesting position sometimes. At the moment, I’m in a mentoring position in Ministry - I’m the mentee. I’ve been asked by several congregations at an earlier time to step in and be the Minister of a congregation within the brotherhood. It crossed my mind back then… and I never moved on it. I served once as an Interim but that was only got a short time. I was in school and was well aware that I needed more experience before stepping into that realm. However, I was aware of my gifts and talents:
-I’m skilled when it comes to teaching & preaching the Word
-I’m skilled at training others
-I’m skilled as a leader
-I’m skilled at developing leaders
-I’m skilled as a coach
-I’m skilled as an (unlicensed) counselor

While my experiences in life have taught me a great deal that I can use for the betterment of the Kingdom, I’m skilled at recognizing that I don’t know it all I need to experience more. I also know that with an abundant amount of mentoring, it’s still a different animal when you are put in the driver’s seat - again from experience. At one point, I was offered a congregation and they were looking. Honestly, I was scared to take the position because I felt it was a dead end. One of my mentors even asked me why I didn’t take it. When I told him I didn’t think I’d be able to accomplish anything, he looked at me and said that he DEFINITELY would be able to accomplish MUCH. His statement intimidated me plus he also planted the congregation he heralds for and has grown it.

BUT NOW, I feel different. I’ve grown quite a bit in the Word, in life, in leadership, in counsel and especially in patience. I really rely on God as my Sovereign. There is no other option. Before now, I did but I think it was more surface than rooted. I’m comforted by His instruction. It hadr caused me to DILIGENTLY seek His Righteousness. With all of that being said, my heart is heavy…

There are many congregations that I see that are close to me, in heart & in geography, that are in need. Some desperately. Many of them have shared their story with me. I’ve preached there or I’ve sung there or I’ve stopped through there and I’ve heard the story.

It hurts me. It angers me. It downright pisses me off. It saddens me. It brings me to tears… And then I get a feeling…

I have the urge to step up and apply for the position. I’m not fearful. I trust in God, who is my refuge. I know He’s my source, my strength, my power, and my supplier. I know we’d be able to accomplish many great things as long as we keep God in the forefront.

But I recognize almost immediately that while the Lord is all those things to me, He’s also all those things to them. Jesus said the gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church so what are a few frustrating and sad times? NOTHING to the Lord. Understanding that, I fall back and get back in line trusting that God has things completely under control.

I am a Christian soldier… heavy hearted & tearful for my brethren.

But God makes all things (sufferings) work together for good to all them that are called according to His purpose.



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Am I bashing you hatefully?

So I’ve been awake since 2:19 AM…
Studied the Bible a bit and then came back to bed but still couldn’t sleep… so I started trolling around Facebook and then I stumbled upon “fools gold” that caught my attention enough to wake me up further.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, my beautiful, outspoken, opinionated, republican, secret wife, made some remarks concerning Rosie O’Donnell’s return to The View as a host.

I started to look up her remarks and here’s a link so that you can VIEW them (see what I did there?)

Interesting enough, I didn’t see or hear her comments first but I saw the reaction to it. Like advertisements for the big fight or commercials for the action movie of the year, the build up was massive:

"Joy Behar felt that Elisabeth’s bashing went too far…"

"It was a hate filled rant…"

"Whoopi spoke on the situation live…"

"Rosie’s response via Twitter: ‘SHOCKED’…"

By the time I got to read the transcript of what Elisabeth said, I was amped and fully ready to find out why she would think to disrespect Rosie O’Donnell so much when she hasn’t even done anything to her.

…and then I read it.
…and the I watched it.

I felt like I got a build up to see The Avengers but actually watched Battlefield Earth. Are we Americans straight up punks? Are we that girly? Are we that sheepish? I’m sure you’ve viewed the link… I’ll post the transcript of part of what she said:

"Here comes to The View the very woman who spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network, and, really, in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debates for the time that she was there."

She didn’t even say it in a mean way. Calm tone yet outspoken. I used to watch the show from time to time. It would get heated and I’ve seen times when it would be disastrously tense between Rosie & Elisabeth. But is what she said hateful?

I’m a Independent Thinker (politically) if you’re wondering and I don’t and haven’t agreed with 75% of what Elisabeth had said in the past. But to label her a hateful and bashful because of the comments made above is libel. How is it that publicly the media has said worse things about Presidential candidates from every political party but they’re not considered bashful or hateful in the grand scheme of things? Are we that squeamish?

Then a thought came to mind based on an excerpt from an episode from the show that I watched where Rosie and Elisabeth got into a heated & intense argument. Rosie made a statement about if she said anything how it would be perceived as “big, lesbian Rosie beating up on small frail Christian Elisabeth”:

Is the only reason that people are attacking Elisabeth Hasselbeck for her comments because Rosie O’Donnell is a lesbian?

Is that something to ponder? Should I, in commenting on your political views, public actions, and personal interactions with me consider your sexual preference before saying a word of what I feel about those items? Is my speech that I share with my brother now hateful and bashing because of who you are and what you represent? A thought to ponder but nothing to hold on too. Forget I said it.

Instead, are we too sensitive?

No I don’t think her comments were disrespectful. They were her opinion of Rosie’s political standing, opinion of her public action in the manner that she left the show, and her opinion of how she felt about Rosie’s interaction with her toward the end of her tenure of hosting The View.

Remember those days when people could speak in a calm tone their opinion on someone or their ability to do something? Seems like those days are gone. You can’t discuss sports, television, or music having an opinion. If someone disagrees with you, they’ll tell you in a second “You’re just hating”.

Don’t believe me? Beyoncé isn’t really that great of a singer and the idea of “Sasha Fierce” is an idea she stole from Solange who actually had a better album than Beyonce before she dropped her “I Am Sasha Fierce” album.

You’re struggling to tell me I’m not hating, aren’t you?

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